One Room Challenge – Week 4: Crisis Mode

Happy Thursday!! Hope everyone is loving all this fantastic Spring weather!

 If you’re new to our Spring One Room Challenge posts, you can catch up on all the fabulous fun by checking out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. Transforming a room in 6 weeks can be very stressful! Don’t get us wrong, we are having lots of fun sharing our ORC project with you guys, but 6 weeks is a very tight timeline! Even more so when your clients must move in by the end of the 6 weeks.

We’re in full-on crisis mode right now! It’s been a super busy week, and it looks like this next week is gonna be even more busy. With only two weeks to go, there’s still a lot to do, so we were super excited to receive our kitchen cabinets last Friday:

Week4 - Cabinets

One slight problem: they’re white. And they’re supposed to be grey!


Because there is no time to send them back and have all this finished on time, we’re having them painted on site. We are literally living on a prayer that they will turn out great, but this is very stressful. It’s even more stressful because our team spent half of this week at a trade fair, and we could not have them painted without some supervision. Hopefully we’ll be back on track by next week!

Now for some good news. We mentioned before that we were going to demo the wall separating the kitchen and dining room to create one large open and inviting space. What we did not mention is that we also decided to open up the space to the family room. We’re also doing our clients’ family room, but we chose not to include that in our ORC project because, frankly, a kitchen and dining room already put enough pressure on us!  The family room is going well and will probably be mostly done by the end of the 6 weeks, but we’ll save that for a different blog post. Still, we’re excited that the glass divider between the spaces has been installed! It looks absolutely perfect, and will go beautifully with the Lucite dining table and the Lucite console!

Week4 - divider

We’re starting to receive some of our gorgeous styling accessories!

These beauties have arrived as well! They’re off to be framed, and may even be ready for next week’s post.


Also, we’ve made a decision on the backsplash! We’re going with…

(drum roll please)…



Thank you all for your input! We loved all of the options we showed you guys last week, but in the end we thought this would work better with the design, and was also the best option considering our budget and the time constraint. And most importantly, our clients love it!

We’ve received just about all our orders, with the exception of the appliances, which should be arriving next week! In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do in the kitchen. The cabinets are in the process of being repainted, and once those are finished and installed, we can move on to installing the countertops and backsplash. As we said, it’s gonna be a very busy next two weeks for us, but we can’t wait to see it all come together!!!!

Hope you guys are enjoying our One Room Challenge posts! Also, make sure to check the other linking participants, as well as the Wednesday Participants!

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27 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 4: Crisis Mode

  1. Wow!!! What a big project! I am in love with all your choices and so excited to have found you. That glass partition wall is everything. And there’s a lucite table and console?! Holy heaven! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest; good luck this next two weeks. I am eagerly awaiting your reveal!!


  2. It all looking wonderful! Sorry about the cabinets. I’m actually painting my office furniture by hand, so I’m pretty stressed about getting it all done. LOL! Can’t wait for next week! 🙂


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