High Point 2017

Hey, everyone!

We have been super busy here at Rajni Alex Design, but we took some time to go to the High Point Market to check out what our amazing vendors and their peers have come out with, and we wanted to share some of our favorite finds with you guys. We  had a presentation a couple of days after we got back, so we were focusing on that, but now that things have calmed down a little bit and we’ve had time to go through the pictures, we knew we wanted to share some pieces that caught our interest. Hope you like it!


This beautiful sectional from the Baker showroom definitely caught our attention.


We also loved this Kelly Hoppen table.


And we can definitely see us including this beautiful Vanguard bed in our designs.


We love these chests from Currey and Co.


This accent table, also from Currey and Co., is something that would really work well with our design.


Beautiful lamp also from Currey and Co.


Gorgeous mirror we saw at Wildwood.


Beautiful sconce we saw at Currey and Co.


In this last picture you can see Amrit, one of our designers, reflected in this beautiful  mirror we saw at Wildwood 🙂 We really didn’t think to take team pictures, though we should have. So maybe next time!

These are just a few of our favorite finds from High Point, because we figured you all wouldn’t want to scroll through the 1000 or so pictures we took while there 😉 We loved taking some time to get inspired, despite the non-stop rain there, and we’re happy to be back at work where we can work on incorporating the pieces we saw into our designs.

Hopefully we’ll be able to share a couple of projects with you guys soon, but if you want to keep up with us until then, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Gifts for Him!

Hey, everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing week! We here at Rajni Alex Design are so excited about the Holidays! We’re very busy with work, but as promised, we wanted to share some of our favorite gift ideas for men 🙂



1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8./ 9./ 10.

There are a few less ideas than gifts for women, but that’s because we find shopping for men so hard. Do you guys have that same problem?! Anyway, in case you missed our gift ideas for women, you can find them here. And if you want to keep up with us here at Rajni Alex Design, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Gifts for Her!

Hey, everyone!

We know it’s been forever since we posted anything. We’ve been super busy here at Rajni Alex Design over the last few months, but as we  start Christmas shopping, we wanted to share some of our favorite finds with you all. So here are a few of our picks for women! In the next few days, we’ll also share our favorite picks for men’s gifts 🙂



1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./8./ 9./ 10./ 11./ 12.

There are so many great things out there at the moment, but we couldn’t fit them all in a post. Hope these help you guys! Don’t forget to come back for the men’s gift guide soon! And if you wanna keep up with us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook (where we post much more than we do here!).

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One Room Challenge – The Reveal

Hello, everyone!

IT’S WEEK SIX!!!!!!!!! We still can’t believe that time went by this fast. We here at Rajni Alex Design are so thrilled and exhausted, and really looking forward to sharing our One Room Challenge reveal with you guys! For anyone not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a six-week design event created by Linda at Calling It Home where designers, bloggers, and DIYers commit to transforming a room in six weeks, and to do a weekly blog post on it. It is a hectic, but extremely fulfilling, way to renovate a room.


This ORC we did a kitchen for some amazing clients, and though it’s been a lot of work, we’re very happy with the results. If you want to check our previous posts on this project, here you go:

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4/ Week 5

And if you’ve been following us along this journey, here’s a brief recap. When our clients bought this house and brought us along to do several room, here is what the kitchen looked like:



Because we were transforming these two rooms into one kitchen, we had quite a bit of demo and other construction work, such as moving the door seen in the picture above, as well as the windows.So this is the floor plan we came up with:


The kitchen area used to be split into two, so we figured by removing that wall we could give our clients a more functional, open space.We knew we could not do all that and have the kitchen ready in six weeks, so we did all that before week 1. Here’s what the kitchen looked like on week 1:


We are so happy that in 5 weeks, we were able to transform that into the kitchen we had planned for this space. They were long weeks, but we think it was worth it. So here is our final product!

©Jane Beiles PRINT-2

This picture was taken from the same angle as the demo picture, and it really does a good job of showing a lot of what was done!

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9537

In this picture you can really see the countertops and backsplash. We are so, so happy with how they turned out!

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9419

The banquette eating area looks great! Our clients have told us they plan to eat most of their meals there, despite planning for a formal dining room.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9439

Also, because they knew most of their family meals would take place in this area, they\ husband requested that there was a designated space for a TV in this area.

cropped kitchen pic

Right next to the coffee maker, there’s this wonderful side door for storage. With two young daughters, they wanted a place where they could file any school information and homework, as well as serve as a catchall area, but still be hidden.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9424

A closer shot of the banquette area, cause we can’t get enough of it 🙂

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9409

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9428

And a couple of  detail shots of the table setup, as well as some beautiful flowers.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9523

We love that in this picture you can see how one space leads into the other seamlessly.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9451

The island also provides additional seating. The bar stools match the chairs in the banquette seating area.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9533

 A closer shot to this corner shows the wonderful open storage at the top. Also, you can see the hardware really well in this picture.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9506

A close-up shot of the hardware. We’re thrilled with these Lucite pulls! They look stunning, and go well with every other element in the kitchen.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9464

And in this shot you can see the family room in the background. When we first started working on this kitchen, our clients told us two things were very important for them: storage, and that the kitchen be open to the family room. Also, because we had worked with these clients on their previous home, we designed the kitchen to work well with a lot of the furniture they already owned, and that we knew would be going into the new family room.

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9495

In this shot you can see the kitchen from the family room.

Here are a few more detail shots:

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9441

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9519

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9522

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9443.jpg

And a couple of shots that show the beautiful natural light coming into the kitchen:

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9459

We’re seriously in love with this backsplash!

©Jane Beiles PRINT-9499

We’re so glad we moved the door here, because it really lights up this space!

This has been demanding project due to the timeline, but we had a wonderful time working with these clients on this kitchen. We know their taste well, and they really trusted our vision for this kitchen. We’re also grateful to our wonderful cabinet-maker, Ludvig Morales, for getting the cabinets done in 5 weeks. Also, in case you guys are curious, here are the links to the posts that have the mood board and the appliances. We’re really glad we chose to do this project for the One Room Challenge, and we hope you guys have enjoyed following us along this journey.

Make sure to check out the other ORC reveals for both featured designers and guest participants. We’re sure there’ll be many beautiful rooms there! And if you want to see what we’re up to, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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One Room Challenge – Week 5

Hey, everyone!

Happy week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Only one week left until the reveal!!! We here at Rajni Alex Design can’t wait to see how our kitchen turns out 🙂


For anyone new who isn’t familiar with the One Room  Challenge, it is a six-week design event started by Linda at Calling It Home where designers and DIYers commit to transforming a room in six weeks, and blogging about it once a week. If you want to see our posts leading up to this one, you can do so below:

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4

Now that everyone is caught up, we wanted to share what’s going on with the kitchen. Backsplash is in and looks wonderful. Chairs and counter stools are on site. Appliances are almost all in. We still have to install all the hardware, window treatments, and some of the light fixtures. And then we have the weekend to style it before the photo shoot. We’re gonna be working like crazy until the photographer walks in on Monday!!But it’s worth it! By the way, we realized we never shared the list of appliances, so here they are:



Refrigerator/ Coffee Maker/ Microwave/ Beverage Center/

Range Top/ Double Oven/ Dishwasher

We’re so happy with the way the kitchen looks so far, and we love the appliances our clients picked. We think they’ll look perfect in the kitchen!

Also, we were going through our phones looking for a picture we could use as a sneak peek, we realized we never told you guys about the beautiful sconces that go above the banquette area. We got two of these beautiful Robert Abbey sconces:


They look wonderful in the space!

Also, we never shared our beautiful hardware:


We love how well the Lucite hardware works in this kitchen! We got these at LuxHoldups on Etsy.

And finally, here are a couple of pictures of the current state of the kitchen:


20150430_193238 (2)


We can’t wait to get all the blue tape out and all the beautiful styling accessories in!

We can’t believe how lucky we’ve been with this ORC!! We have been able to avoid any big problems, which is fantastic, and at this point we can say with at least a little bit of confidence that we should be done by the time the photographer walks in… We think. Seriously though, we’re only a few days away from having this room the way we pictured it a while back, and that’s the amazing thing about the One Room Challenge: it gives you the motivation to work on a room faster than you would otherwise, and it is so rewarding in the end 🙂

We’ll be back next week with the reveal, but in the meantime, make sure you check out all the wonderful ORC projects from both featured designers and guest participants. And if you want to stay tuned to us and what we’re doing, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram!!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hey, everyone! Hope you all had a good week.

Mother’s Day is almost here! We’ve been super busy these last few weeks, but we finally got around to gift shopping, and we figured we’d share some of our favorites with you guys. So here are some gifts we’d guess your mother would love!



1./2./ 3./ 4./5./ 6./ 7./ 8./ 9./ 10./ 11./ 12.

We hope this helps you guys find great gifts for your moms! They absolutely deserve it!

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One Room Challenge – Week 4!

Hello, everyone! Happy Thursday!


Week 4 is here! We here at Rajni Alex Design can’t believe the reveal is only 2 weeks away, and even though we know these two weeks will be crazy busy, we’re really looking forward to it. In case you’re new here, the One Room Challenge is the brainchild of Linda at Calling It Home; basically, designers and DIYers commit to transforming a room in six weeks, and blogging about it once a week. If you want to check out our project’s progress over the last few weeks, here are the links:

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3

Now that everyone is caught up, here is our biggest update: the cabinets are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so, so thrilled about this!! Last time we did a kitchen, we had some trouble with the cabinets, and so I guess we were preparing ourselves for the worst. It was a wonderful surprise to get past this stage without any hiccups 🙂

So here are a couple of sneak peeks into the current state of the kitchen:



As you guys can see, things are moving along fast! The countertops are just in, and now we can get started on the backsplash. Once that is done we can bring in the appliances and everything else. Hopefully we can get all that done before our photo shoot on the 9th. But yes, we’ll be very busy until then!

Also, last week we couldn’t find a picture of the stunning Palecek counter stools we’ve ordered in the white finish, which is the finish we picked. We still couldn’t find a picture, but we figured we’d share it with you guys anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 4.57.26 PM (1)

Isn’t it gorgeous?! It matches the chairs we picked for the seating area that goes with the banquette. We really cannot wait to have everything together in the room!

We’ll be back next week with updates on the kitchen! In the meantime, make sure to check out the featured designers and guest participants of the ORC! They’re doing an amazing job! And if you want to keep up with us, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

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One Room Challenge – Week 3!

Hello, everyone!

It’s already week 3 of the One Room Challenge! Isn’t that crazy?! For those of you who are new to the One Room Challenge, it is a six-week event that Linda at Calling It Home came up with; basically, for six weeks, designers and DIYers work like crazy to transform a room, and they blog about it every week. This is our third ORC, so if you wanna check out our previous ones, you can do so here and here. Also, if you want to know more about our current ORC project, check out our Week 1 and Week 2 posts.

This week has been insane for us here at Rajni Alex Design! Not only do we have the ORC going on, but we’ve actually been in High Point since Sunday. It’s been awesome, but we’re exhausted from all the walking. And we got back only Wednesday night, which means we’re doing most of this post from a hotel room, so we’re sorry if it’s not our best post. Still, we really wanted to share more of the kitchen we’re doing with you guys.

So this is a mood board of the kitchen:


1.Cole Pendant by Robert Abbey.

2. Arpell Azul Rivershell Stone Water Jet Mosaic backsplash by Artistic Tile.

3. Snow White Quartz countertops.

4. Bling Chandelier by Robert Abbey (for the seating area).

5. Benjamin Moore’s Pelican Gray for the cabinets.

6. Saarinen tulip table. The client bought this, so we don’t have a specific vendor, but many vendors carry these.

7. Pavilion Side Chair by Palecek.

8. Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar fabric in graphite.

9. Brookhaven Oyster fabric by Kravet.

10. New Linen: Golden Beach fabric by Holly Hunt.

We cannot wait to see it all come together! Though we still have so much to do, things are going relatively well. The cabinets should be installed in the next few days, so maybe next week we can give you guys a sneak peek, as well as a list of appliances we’re putting in the kitchen 🙂

In the meantime, make sure to check the wonderful projects by the featured designers and the guest participants! Also, if you want to keep up with us, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram 🙂

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One Room Challenge – Week 2!

Hello, everyone!

It’s only week 2 of the ORC, and we here at Rajni Alex Design can already tell the next few weeks are going to be insane! If you’re just joining us now, you can check our initial ORC post here. And for anyone unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, it is a design event started by Linda at Calling It Home, where participants transform a room in 6 weeks, and blog about it weekly.We’re doing a kitchen, which is crazy, but we have done one before, so hopefully we’re up to it 🙂


We did demo before week 1 because we had to do some structural changes, such as changing the placement of a door and window, and we knew we couldn’t do that as well as the whole kitchen in 6 weeks. We’re doing other rooms for the client as well, and while they’re not appearing in the ORC (most of them would not be ready in time), they appear in the basic floor plan. So this is the house’s original ground floor plan:


We’ve decided to combine the kitchen and breakfast room, while also opening up the wall to the family room. After a few different proposed floor plans, this is the one our clients decided to go with:


As you can see, this gives them one big space, instead of two separate small ones. There is a round table and banquette seating on the left, as well as some storage and space for a TV (right above the powder room in the floor plan). The space with no counters along the top wall is where we moved the door to the porch. The main cooking area has an island and an open view to the family room, as well as plenty more storage.

Here are a few renditions of the kitchen:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.35.49 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.36.51 AM


These renditions were made for our first presentation to the clients, so some things have changed; and the third one is obviously missing the round table that goes in front of the banquette. Still, these give you a general idea of the space. We can’t wait to see what the final product looks like!

Floors are now in, which is awesome, and the cabinets should arrive in a week, maybe a week and a half; hopefully they’ll be installed by week 4. We’ve used this last week to make several design choices (yay!), and while we’ll save most of it for our mood board next week, there’s one element in this kitchen we’re super mega excited about, and we cannot wait to share with you guys: the backsplash!


Seriously, we’re in love. This amazing backsplash by Artistic Tile is stunning, and we think it will be perfect for this kitchen! While still light, it has enough blue in it to pop against the light cabinets we’re going with.

Next week we’ll be back with a mood board, and probably not much else since we’ll be at High Point. We hope you guys have a wonderful week, and in the meantime, make sure to check out the amazing projects by the featured designers as well as the guest participants in the One Room Challenge!!

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One Room Challenge – Week 1

Hello, everyone!

We can’t believe it’s already time for this new One Room Challenge! For those of you who are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is the brain-child of the wonderful Linda at Calling It Home; the goal is to complete a room in 6 weeks, with a weekly blog update. Not only is this a great motivator to staying on schedule, but we love seeing all the other projects. The ORC is basically 6 weeks of design inspiration, in a very supportive community. We love it, and we’re so happy we get to be a part of it again!


This time around, we are doing a kitchen. It may seem crazy to renovate a kitchen in 6 weeks, but we love the challenge. We did a kitchen/dining room two ORCs ago (you can check it out here), and we think we’re better prepared this time around. Because the timing is so tight, we’ve already done demolition and ordered the cabinets. We’ve also moved a door that leads to the backyard. Those things can take a while, and last year we learned that it’s better to have some extra time in case something goes wrong. So here are some pictures of what the kitchen looked like initially:



And here is what it looks like now:


As you guys can see, we decided to open up a wall and create a larger space. We’ll be going over the floor plans next week, but we’re so excited with the potential for this room.

Our awesome, wonderful clients wanted the kitchen to be an open, bright space with lots of storage, an extra seating area on top of the island, and a place for a TV. We love that by opening up that wall, we have the space to give them all of this without making this space feel cramped. Here are some inspiration pictures that show what kind of kitchen we’re going for:







We have so many ideas for this kitchen, and we’re so happy we get to do a One Room Challenge with this project!!! We know at some point over the next few weeks we’re going to go crazy and look back and think how insane it was to do a kitchen ORC, but as of right now, we’re thrilled!

We can’t wait to see the amazing projects all other ORC participants are working on! Make sure to check out the featured designers, as well as the guest participants for some amazing design 🙂

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