One Room Challenge – Week 1!

Today, we are excited to announce that RAD will be a linking participant in this year’s One Room Challenge!! Rajni Alex Design is a boutique design firm, based in Bronxville, NY. New  to both the blogging world and to  ORC, we are super excited, and super nervous!  We hope to make it to the finish line with all the other fabulous bloggers who are linking in for the Spring 2015 ORC. For those of you not familiar with One Room Challenge, get excited and ready yourselves for an awesome ride.  ORC – the brainchild of Linda @ Calling It Home – is a six week decorating extravaganza; different design bloggers will transform a room of their choosing from start to finish, and update their readers every Thursday on their progress. Make sure to check us out every Thursday for updates on the RAD Blog, on Instagram under the hashtag #oneroomchallenge. Be sure to check out some of the other really great bloggers as well!

For our first ORC we are tackling a Kitchen Gut Renovation. Kitchen Renos are something we are not only well versed in, but it’s also something we LOVE doing! Here’s a look at one of our more popular renovations, just to give you a taste of what you can look forward to!


Now that we’ve got you all excited and salivating with our sweet skills, here’s what we’re planning for the ORC –

Project: This kitchen is an extremely outdated and tiny kitchen – which wants to be so much more than what it has been relegated to be. The plan is to knock down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the space, which forces us to add the dining room to this challenge. (We know, we may be heading for trouble)


Existing Plan
Curved entry that opens to the dining area | Dining room with old parquet flooring

Clients: The most adorable and trusting clients that a designer could ever dream of, this couple is in their seventies and are ready to renovate and move in to their new condo complex ASAP. They’re in the process selling their current home, and want to move before the closing. Pressure. This is also our third project for them, which makes it even more challenging because they have always had such great faith in our designs, and we definitely don’t want to disappoint them.

 Client Wish List:

  • Update the kitchen – bringing it to this millennium and ditching its current 80’s theme.
  • New appliances and new cabinets
  • Open up the kitchen, so that it feels bigger, and brighter
  • Add more storage space, as the clients are downsizing from a 4000 sq/ft home to a 2400 sq/ft condo
  • Proper pantry space
  • More counter space
  • A place to sit and eat with their grand children, other than the formal dining area


  • Very dark
  • Trying to incorporate a seating nook without sacrificing storage space
  • Time, time, and TIME!

 Before2  Before5 

Walking through this space, we have big dreams of what it could be. Our motto for this project, however cliché, is Dream Big or Go Home, and by the time we finish executing our dream, this couple will never want to leave their home! Super cliché, but just let us have our moment:)

Here’s what we’re dreaming of for this space:


 Marble Backsplash 


Waterfall Countertop


Waterfall Countertop


Dining Chairs


Breakfast Nook




Dark Cabinets


Ample Storage Space

We’ve just received the permits, and the demolition is in full swing. Come back next Thursday and we’ll update you on the demo, and share the new design we have planned for this space.

Be sure to check out some of the other AMAZING bloggers who are participating in the Spring 2015 One Room Challenge. The Wednesday Participants are already off to a fabulous start!!

34 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 1!

  1. Wow, so impressed you are tackling a whole kitchen! And your inspo pics are awesome. Can’t wait to check back for more!


  2. Wow, impressed you are tackling a kitchen for this! Love the inspo pics and can’t wait to see more!


  3. Wow…talk about eye candy! This is going to be a great transformation. Cannot wait to see the changes and follow along. The example of your previous work was stunning, so I can see we are all in for a real treat!


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