One Room Challenge – Week 5: Catching Up

Happy Thursday, everyone!! Hope you all are doing great! Here at RAD we’re working super hard on our One Room Challenge project, and we’re just so excited. One more week to go!!!

Six weeks is a short time to transform a room, but this challenge is such a great way to commit to a timeline! We fell behind last week, so we’ve been catching up this past week, and it’s been crazy busy! In case you’re new to our blog and want to know more about the project, you can check our previous ORC posts:

Week 1/ Week 2/ Week 3/ Week 4

This past week we’ve been dealing with the cabinet crisis, and the fact that it put us a few days behind schedule. Hopefully we’ll finish this project on time, both for the ORC and for our clients, who really need to move in!

It’s been madness on site, but we got a few pictures:


We’re happy to announce the cabinets are grey!!! And they’ve been installed! We were nervous about having them painted on site, but they look amazing. And the countertop and backsplash are also in!



The mini bricks were not our first choice, but we’re glad we went with this choice in the end. It looks beautiful! We did not take a closeup shot of the countertops, so  you guys will need to check our Week 6 post for that 🙂

The hardware is also in:


We chose very simple and sleek hardware because even though the kitchen is very versatile and would have looked great with more traditional hardware as well, this more modern hardware works well with the dining room. Also, it doesn’t draw attention away from the beautiful countertops and backsplash.

The bulk of last week was spent on the kitchen part of the project, but we’ve managed to install the light fixture in the dining room:


We love it! It’s gonna work so beautifully with the accessories and art! We can’t wait to have it all in the room! Oh, and talking about art:

ORC_5.10Our gorgeous Mursi girl is back in the office!!! She’s just so beautiful, we keep getting distracted!

It’s been a very productive week, but we’re still a bit behind. At least the worst of the crisis is behind us (we hope!). All appliances should be in by tomorrow, and then we need to put some finishing touches in the kitchen and get everything installed for the photo shoot on monday. It’s gonna be a very busy week for us, and we’ll definitely be working through the weekend, but we’re thrilled to see this room come together! We can’t wait to have everything in place!

Thank you guys for the amazing comments we’ve been getting! We really hope you are enjoying our One Room Challenge posts. You should also go check the other linking participants and Wednesday Participants! They have some great projects!

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