Get the Look! (Outdoor spaces)

Happy Friday, everyone!

This past Tuesday we shared a post with some beautiful pictures that have us very excited about spring and the idea of being outdoors!!  These are a couple of the looks we shared:



The outside areas of a house, such as a backyard or porch, are not usually a design priority. They are more like the areas that people plan on working on, eventually. But we’re determined to work on our outdoor spaces now, so we can enjoy them this coming summer! This week we want to show you guys a couple of looks inspired by these pictures. We didn’t try to recreate these specific looks; we just tried to capture the relaxed feeling in these looks, and then we put our own spin on them. So here are a couple of looks we’ve created to give you guys an idea of what we have in mind:


1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8./ 9./ 10./ 11./ 12./ 13./ 14./ 15./ 16.

Every space is different, and everyone’s taste is different, but these are some great finds that give a basic idea of what pieces to use in your backyard, porch, or outdoor dining area.  And the amazing thing about these looks is that you can easily switch items around to fit YOUR taste. So if you want more color, use more color! And not all of these brands fit everyone’s budget, but many of these brands carry very similar pieces, and so you can create this look even if you cannot afford every single item we have shown in these looks. With summer just a couple of months away, now is the perfect time to get to work!

So good luck creating your own beautiful outside space, whether that’s a fire pit area to have s’mores with your kids or a nice outdoor dining area to host dinner parties with your friends!!! Hope this post helps 🙂

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