Gifts for Her!

Hey, everyone!

We know it’s been forever since we posted anything. We’ve been super busy here at Rajni Alex Design over the last few months, but as we  start Christmas shopping, we wanted to share some of our favorite finds with you all. So here are a few of our picks for women! In the next few days, we’ll also share our favorite picks for men’s gifts 🙂



1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./8./ 9./ 10./ 11./ 12.

There are so many great things out there at the moment, but we couldn’t fit them all in a post. Hope these help you guys! Don’t forget to come back for the men’s gift guide soon! And if you wanna keep up with us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook (where we post much more than we do here!).

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