One Room Challenge – Week 5

Hello, everyone!

We here at RAD hope you all are having an awesome week! We cannot believe it’s already week 5 of the One Room Challenge!!! Isn’t that exciting?!

We are thrilled to share a couple of things that are going into our beautiful dining room with you guys, but at the same time we are not going to share too much, because we have to save enough of it for the reveal next week 🙂

First, we’ve promised to show you guys the buffet we picked, so here it is:


We chose to go with this gorgeous buffet by Vanguard because we wanted a darker piece to contrast with the lighter walls and fabrics, and because it has modern elements such as the finish on the doors, while having a classic shape. We absolutely love it.

The second thing we want to share with you guys is a sample of the indoor/outdoor rug we picked. We ordered the Couristan Antigua in Dune a couple of weeks ago and it arrives tomorrow, but here is a picture of the sample:

matt rug

We love that it doesn’t look like an indoor/outdoor rug; the quality of the sample is very good. We think it will look great with the fabrics we’ve picked for the room!

Just about every big item but the two above are already in the room, which is a miracle by our ORC standards. I guess because last time we had a much bigger room that needed structural changes, this ORC has been a much less stressful experience. We should get the buffet and the rug in the room by Friday, so we can style the room over the weekend, and then we have our photo shoot on Monday 🙂

So here are some items we are thinking of using when styling the room:


1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6./ 7./ 8./ 9./ 10.

We cannot wait for the photo shoot on Monday, and to be able to share the (beautiful, photographer-quality) pictures with you guys! It will be a somewhat busy weekend with styling, but we can’t wait to have the room finished! Again, thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm over the last few weeks! That’s our favorite thing about the One Room Challenge. To our fellow ORC participants: you can do it!!

See you guys in a week with the reveal!

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24 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 5

  1. Dining rooms are deceptively simple, aren’t they? I thought I had my room all sorted out, but I am still feeling the nerves about getting everything styled before the shoot…your room is looking great and I cant wait to see how you combine all the elements!


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