Scarsdale Before & After

©Jane Beiles-9984retouchedHi Everyone!

We’re sorry for our absence, but Summer has been unbelievably busy here at RAD! We are glad to get back to the blog, and we do have a lot to share with you guys in the coming weeks 🙂

We decided to start back with a before and after of a (somewhat) recent project that we finished just before Summer. We’re covering the living room, master bedroom, and nursery of some great clients. Hope you guys like it!

Living Room – Before


Living Room – After  

after_livingroom1©Jane Beiles-9991retouched

While the layout of the living room worked, it looked a bit dated, and so we refinished the fireplace with Calacatta mini bricks to give it a more modern look. We also chose to go with a light palette to make the space more inviting.

Here are a few detail shots:





Master Bedroom – Before


Master Bedroom – After


The master bedroom is perhaps the space that went through the greatest transformation in this whole project. The room, while big, is divided in different sections, and the way the furniture was arranged, as well as the dark paint colors and furniture, made it look smaller. We changed the layout of the furniture and chose to go with light furniture and colors to make it look larger and more relaxing.

Master Bedroom – Beforeee41C92fKc6iIltvefkx2V3fEfWvG5QdoM0TaGVSSmkMaster Bedroom – After Z6Vpm7O3PcGP2EF9rKE9GAofmBNmLGH9zYaTno0ds04,BkbpWfuxtwlLMLKPBZwxzAYXICrWpY1_A5v9c3U6KvEMaster Bedroom – Before

OQy7Vc192SMUxl7JmcfViNfjK6pZZLUfuBlk1Brc0LwMaster Bedroom – AfterDy6lHy3ZztU8Bv3lwtgSnmttffWPz9qUflkmopzbGB4,snbZdBy_TSsxuFR0iD0Jy8VLLvVTCii1xpuSwu-nGeQSome detail shots of the space:ncjuYv0Rm15sYlROC7OI5SLPFjRVXVwsZRSc3osQUBM,qMmcI_ZRS4JBc8j7K943-d3C9kujQxmTMJDKGv13O30,C6CKOU7h-3DAZ-QFpMtW0Rw-QuS2GktylKTfNGcX_TY



Isn’t that bust gorgeous?! We love it!

The other room we worked on is the nursery, and we love it. It was so much fun working on this animal themed room! This room was not originally a part of the project, but our clients found out they were expecting and we did this room as well. We don’t have any before pictures, but we still wanted to share the after pictures with you guys 🙂

Nursery – After

DicchlJgIOaH3U6I-Nc2MZpfuAbVvL_RDv4XKwr1isY,spFcaD5UZMHtXGt9O930MLy6SW6lYXJat5aRaifSW0s 86KwkgVRft40zqblFxSB5y3RhhyEU1VBWneVIbXNFlQ,nFRAmNvmC-cM68w7vON6UX7LslO6YDRBlN45E1L37XE


One of the greatest things about this photo shoot was working with a very willing model: our clients’ dog. After we had him pose in the nursery, he followed us from room to room finding himself a place in the shot 🙂

retouched collage He’s so cute! We loved having him help us with the photo shoot!

Out of respect for our clients we won’t share our sources, but contact us if you have any inquiries. And feel free to let us know what you guys think in the comments section 🙂

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