Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Hey, everyone! We here at RAD hope you’re having a fantastic week!

Father’s Day is a few weeks away, and we were hit with a realization: Shopping for men is so difficult! Seriously, women are much easier to shop for. As long as it’s something pretty, we’re happy… But when shopping for men, you need to find something that is useful, and yet nice enough to be a good gift. It’s complicated. But we found some stuff we love, and more importantly, some stuff that we think they would love! We decided to share a few of our favorites with you guys!



We were happy to find such amazing options out there. Not all fathers have the same tastes, but whether they like grilling or exercising or they travel a lot, there is something great out there for the fathers in your life! Hope this helps you all as you shop for Father’s Day gifts 🙂

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