Welcome to RAD

RAD: adjective – Extraordinary; wonderful; awesome

Hello, and welcome to the world of RAD! I’m super excited to start on and share this new adventure – an outlet to express my passion for beautiful designs.

Design is in the details, and if you look close enough you will find good or bad designs everywhere. Here at RAD, we’re only going to focus on the good ones! These good designs can be seen everywhere – from interiors to fashion to your everyday life, everywhere you look there is beauty waiting to be discovered. My hope is to share some of my discoveries with all of you who are just as passionate and design crazed as I am!

The process of naming anything can be quite a daunting experience. Luckily for us, RAD is not only an acronym for our firm, Rajni Alex Design, but it also embodies everything that we want this blog to be – a portal of extraordinary visuals, a celebration of wonderful designs, and a place that is unafraid of being edgy, current, sophisticated, unapologetically tasteful, and of course, awesome. Through this portal, we plan to share tips and tricks, current trends, design secrets, and celebrate everything beautiful.

Here at RAD, I have some awesome partners in crime. One of the chief contributors for the blog will be Ravon, a U.VA grad and fashion crazed, passionate stylist with a keen eye for all things beautiful. Two of the talented in-house interior designers of Rajni Alex Design, Theresa and Valerie, will also be joining as monthly contributors. We would also love to get some talented professionals to guest blog!

While we are aware that there is a steep learning curve ahead for RAD, we are extremely excited to embark upon this journey, and hope that you all will join us! We’d love to hear from all of you – comments, feedback, suggestions – all will be treasured! If you are interested in, please email us at ralex@rajnialexdesign.com.

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