One Room Challenge – Week 3

Hello, everyone!

We here at RAD hope you’re having an amazing week! We can’t believe it’s already week 3 of the One Room Challenge!!! We have exciting things to share this week!

ORC Guest Blue

First, after considering over 50 shades of gray (sorry, bad joke), we have reached a decision! Seriously, we looked through so many different grays.


That’s what much of the room looked like over the last few days. We have finally reached a decision, but we are going to keep you guys in suspense until next week when we can share some pictures of the painted room with you guys!

We also have chosen fabrics and a light fixture from Arteriors that look amazing with the table we showed you guys last week!

Matt & Tiffany Deisgn (1) (1) (1)

We are absolutely thrilled with this chandelier! It is just gorgeous, and it will look amazing in this room!! We are also happy with the fabrics we’ve picked! We decided to go with some gold tones that will look wonderful with the brass chandelier, and that are a bit warmer to balance out the gray walls. We cannot wait to see it all come together!! The wood sample included with the fabrics is a wood sample of the buffet we got. It should arrive in the next couple of weeks, so we’ll share a picture when it does.

We did have one other item on the design scheme: the West Elm chairs in the original upholstery. Sadly, the reupholstered chairs did not make it back in time for this post, and we did not want to spoil the surprise. We will definitely have them back in time for next week’s post though, so stay tuned!

We cannot believe there’s only three weeks left until the reveal! The past two weeks have been all about making design choices and ordering things, so we are super excited to have the panels painted in the upcoming week, so we can start really seeing our vision for this room take shape!!

Thank you all so much for following our progress over these past weeks. We really love reading your comments and knowing what you guys think! Make sure to check out the featured participants and the other guest participants for some great design ideas 🙂

Offical Signoff (1) copy

34 thoughts on “One Room Challenge – Week 3

  1. I’m not sure what happened but my comment got erased:( Take two…LOVE that top fabric and your chandy is one of my favourites. Love how this is coming together.


    1. Don’t you hate when that happens to comments?! We do! We can’t wait to get the paint done so we can install the chandelier and start putting furniture in the room so we can see more of it come together. Thank you for commenting a second time 🙂


  2. really liking your choices, can’t wait to see more! the bones you are working with look wonderful AND good for you to take the leap and PAINT!!


  3. Wow! Loving the paneling. I’ve been so overwhelmed with my room makeover that I am just now checking in. Kicking myself, this is awesome paneling and the paint will make it look fab!


  4. Oh I love those samples! Picking a great grey paint is so hard – can’t wait to see which one you chose!


  5. I am so glad you are using that chandelier! I have been oh so close to using it for a client before and they changed their mind last minute. It’s a beautiful piece! I’m checking in on this WAY late, so I hope that when I wake up tomorrow you have a post with the painted paneling. I cannot wait!


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